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Ayurvedic massage - physical, emotional and spiritual balance

Ayurvedic massage - physical, emotional and spiritual balance

Discover your own dosha type, adapted massage oil per type

In this massage we strive to balance your "doshas" or energetic life forces, different for each person. With adapted herbal oil for each dosha type we purify, nourish ans relax your body and restore the balance in the different energy channels (chakras). An Ayurvedic massage will soothe, revive and rejuvenate your mind.

The Ayurvedic forces of life determine how we feel physically and mentally.

The "doshas" - or energetic life forces - determine the entire universe as well as each individual (yourself). There are five elements - water, air, earth, fire and ether - that define the three doshas's : vate, pitta and kapha. What we see is that there is always one dosha or a combination of two dosha's more strongly present in each person, which makes this a unique pattern and explains why we are all different.

Ayurvedic massage uses a special herbal oil (Abhyanga) for each dosha type.

If your doshas have become out of balance due to life experiences, nutrition, culture, etc..., it is important to bring them back into balance. The Ayurveda massage with herbal oil for each dosha type helps to purify, nourish and relax your body in a targeted manner of body and mind.

Which is your dosha type

Kaphas - body & mind types - are caring, content, loving and full of trust and patience. This dosha is well grounded, down to earth and often has a natural preference for luxury and comfort. Kaphas are always there for everyone, are stress resistant and generous.  Kapha women have a smooth skin and round feminine curves. If you belong to this type, you are made to give birth to children. 

Pittas are intense, driven, passionate and charming. They long for success and don't usually lack self-confidence. Due to their brave and decisive nature, they go straight for their goal without being slowed down by all kinds of fantasies. Often Pittas have a good analytical mind and high intelligence that makes them love challenges. Pittas have a well-proportioned build and a remarkably strong digestive system. 

Vatas are lively, fast enthusiastic and idealistic. A Vata can be both outspoken or introvert, they like change and exchange ideas easily. Under pressure, the vata type quickly experiences stress or anxiety. They are often creative and enthusiastic minds who love to travel, talk, laugh and philosophize. A Vata's mood is just as changeable as the weather. Often they have an elegant light build, either long or on the small side, their skin is often dry and too light rather than heavy. 

Indicate your dosha type before the massage, because without the adapted herbal oil, this oil massage will not lead to your physical and mental balance !

Take the dosha test here - and quickly and fun determine your dominant type


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